Anderson Residence

Grey River 2013

The Anderson house sits perched amongst the tree tops, its site sloping gently towards the ocean with a stunning view of the waves crashing to the shore below. Natural materials and its careful siting allow this building to sit harmoniously within the landscape it occupies. Windows frame views of sea and forest and careful consideration of ESD allows this building to make optimal use of solar access and cross-ventilation. The garden is designed with consideration of permaculture principles allowing the occupants to grow their own food.


  • Residential Design: Alterations & Additions over $500K Construction Cost – BDAV 2015

  • Excellence in use of Timber – BDAV 2015


Builder: Andrew Bazell Building

Engineer: CO-STRUCT

Building Surveyor: NJG Building Surveyors

Land Surveyors: AH & LJ JEAVONS Land Surveyors

Geotechnical Engineer: Saunders Consulting Group

Energy Consultant: Greensphere Consulting


Products & Suppliers

Ceiling fans: Haiku, Big Ass Fans

Rammed earth: Earth Structures

Windows: Composite double glazed windows and doors, Miglas

Roof Sheeting: Custom Orb & Tray Deck Woodland Grey , Colorbond

Floor Finishes: Hardwax Oil Matte, Whittle Wax

Floorboards: Messmate, Timber Zoo

Lighting: LED tube spots, T5 fluroescents, Da Voluce

Tiles: Feature Tiles ArtedomusNational Tiles

Driveway: Diamond Grid, Galahad Geosystems

Heating: Thermalux Wood Boiler &  Centra coil Solar Hot water tank: Pivot Stove; Hydronic Panels: Radik Klasik Kolorado

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan