MM House interior. Northcote 2019

“Good architecture allows comfort, health, efficiency and delight to coexist.”


In line with our philosophy, the delightful spaces of

MM House continue to provide phenomenal

performance and comfort.

We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved.


Heat Wave – day 2 – without any cooling!

MM House actual performance, 4th January 2019

Naturally Comfortable year round

MM House actual performance

Net Energy – 21 months of energy flow

NB: No gas consumption and 5kW grid connected solar system

MM House is carbon positive, having exported

6,300 kW over the last 21 months.


MM’s water consumption is one third of

the Melbourne target* – 55L/person/day


*The Victorian target is currently 55L/person/day


“Architecture can and should inspire, adapt

and support sustainable communities.”



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