In today’s media saturated environment, flooded with green wash, it’s not easy for clients to find genuinely green/eco design. We are mindful of this dilemma. At EME we enjoy the process of exploring the best solution for each site and each client, seeking out an intrinsically sustainable design. Essential to our philosophy is to design spaces that work and continually delight the occupants. Architecture is for people. And good architecture stands the test of time. It rises above fads and fashion. And equally important, it evolves with time. Great design is adaptable, efficient and beautiful – like nature itself.
On this note, we thought it worth while having a look back at our Wrights Terrace home that is now more than 10 years old.  It has certainly aged gracefully.  And its green credentials remain strong -, inverse masonry construction, passive design, cool-gardi water feature, local, salvage and recycled timber, nature/organic low voc oil finishes, low energy lighting, double glazed timber window,  water saving fittings, water harvesting ..etc.  This home has massively reduced energy and water consumption, leading by example.  And is still as beautiful as ever.

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