Tank City

Melbourne   2004

This installation supported by the Melbourne Museum and City of Melbourne was located in the forecort of the Museum. Aptly named, Tank City is a human scale city of water tanks to explore. The installation focuses on the value of capturing rain and stormwater for re-use in the city. Originally part of Melbourne Water Week, Tank City found a permanent home at the Water Discovery Centre.


Water Saving in the Home

Rain water run-off that is not collected for use mixes with contaminated water from paved areas and roads and is discharged into our waterways, resulting in polluted rivers and beaches. Together, we have to place a higher value on this resource and treat water with the respect it deserves.

Over 85% of Australians live in urban areas. Urban dwellers must form a critical mass of water savers and bring about real and practical change.

Achieving dramatic change is simple.

Choosing quality water saving fittings and installing a tank in your home can significantly reduce the strain on our reservoirs. We do not need drinking quality water to flush our toilets or to water our gardens. Why not use tank water for these tasks?

We can all be 100% water responsible without sacrifice and feel good about taking care of our environment.




The benefits of a water tank in your home are substantial. With a water tank you can have greater flexibility during water restrictions, save on water bills, add value to your property, and help the environment.

A tank allows you to easily control your own personal reservoir and sustain a green garden. Innovative tank designs can be easily installed in existing homes. With a tank you can feel good about using free water and valuing it.

Often people underestimate how much water they can collect and use from their roof and select a tank that is too small. You should aim to maximise the amount of water you can capture and stop it going down the drain.
Dramatically improve the effectiveness of your rainwater harvesting by maximising the roof area connected to tank.

Some questions worth considering when selecting a tank:
• how big is your roof?
• how much rainfall do you get in your area?
• how much space do you have for a tank?
• how many occupants?
• what type and size of garden?