Monu_mental Japan

Japan, 2014

There is a story to tell here, a large yet local community ravaged by water and radiation in 2011 by both a natural disaster and a failing man-made structure. The two entities should never have met but they did. Years have now passed, the re-imagining, re-vision and rebuild is being orchestrated, the rebuild is on.

EME Design, funded by the Australia-Japan foundation worked in collaboration with Rob Roggema of Swinburne University and Wanglin Yan of Keio University, PhD students and residents to proactively design a lost region. Through a thoughtful and creative workshop process ideas were developed and exchanged. This is a visual diary reflecting the trip and some of the outcomes.

Broken infrastructure
Abandoned train station, bikes await their riders.
Site investigations
Research, planning, talking & working
Toxic top soil. Bagged to be buried.

EME and the community used workshops to communicate and design the needs of a new city and region while celebrating the tenements of Minamisoma’s rich textural history including special sporting events, spiritual and community connection and traditional agriculture.

EME guided discussions through these workshops that resulted in public presentations aligning traditional methods of community engagement with the current and futuristic outlook for Minamisoma’s population.

Idea patterns for tenements of the project: community, landscape, sustainability and economy.
Models of biofuel algae ponds

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