Open Garden Australia – Sunnymeade


Three open gardens coming up on the Australia day weekend in Anglesea as part of Open Gardens Australia’s summer program.  Sunnymeade will be open for the first time.  This is an amazing garden the combines play space, food production and beautiful sculptural courtyards.  We designed the family home more than 10 years ago and it is wonderful to see the property sitting within this unique landscape.

The Lewis garden, Sunnymeade & The Shack will be open between 3pm & 8pm on Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 January. Entry to each garden – $7.00 per person. Children under 18 are admitted free.

Open Garden Brochure


A Grey River Christmas

Anderson_Residence_ (1 of 1)

The countdown to Christmas has begun! The Anderson’s timber floor is waxed and drying before they move in next week, just in time for a seaside Christmas. It will be great to see this beautiful house become a home: Phil’s trophies in their case, Anne’s painting’s on the walls and books in the shelves.

Anderson_Residence_ (2 of 1)

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Grand Designs – Ask An Expert




Do you have some spare time on Sunday afternoon? Why not pop into the Grand Designs Live Expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre and say hi to Luke!

You can have a FREE 30 minute design consultation with Luke Middleton between 1:30-3:30pm! You can book on the day or in advance to guarantee your spot! Just bring along photos, plans or sketches of your project and head to the BDAV corner of the Grand Designs Live Expert Advice Centre. It’s a great opportunity to get a professional’s opinion on your renovation or new build!




Beyond skin deep Architecture – Utzon’s Opera House



Last weekend the Sydney Opera House celebrated its 40th birthday.  As beautiful as ever, it continues to draw impressive crowds to Sydney Harbour from all corners of the globe. A building that celebrates innovation; technology pushed to its boundaries and at the same time  embodies its setting and even dare I say enhances it!

Utzon’s method of Critical Regionalism is all the more valid today with our fascination for technology often overcoming us and resulting in an impressive but soulless behemoth or bauble. As NSW burns and petrol prices climb more than a token approach to sustainable design is also required and an architecture “tied to geographical and cultural context” is all the more important for longevity.




What sets the Opera House apart is its attention to detail and sophisticated craftsmanship, but what else would you expect from the son of a naval architect? Utzon deftly worked out a modular system to create the complex curves of the opera house skin and the patterning and texture of the tiles themselves were developed by Utzon to reflect just the right colour spectrum to complement the Sydney sky.

Exceptional buildings like this go beyond a symbolic representation of place, they give back more than they take. And whilst this is the most famous example of Utzon’s work I encourage you to have a look at his residential work, the perfect inspiration, a benchmark for timeless design.  His Mallorca House  embraced its setting on many levels – local stone, adapted local building techniques, distilled in to a handful of component parts.  All come together to create a unique home – see how he choreographs and intensifies views with depth and geometry.


What are your favourite timeless buildings? Why do you think they have stood the test of time?

Photography : Joanne Nataprawira

Timeless beauty still outperforming


In today’s media saturated environment, flooded with green wash, it’s not easy for clients to find genuinely green/eco design.  We are mindful of this dilemma.  At EME we enjoy the process of exploring the best solution for each site and each client, seeking out an intrinsically sustainable design.   Essential to our philosophy is to design spaces that work and continually delight the occupants.  Architecture is for people.  And good architecture stands the test of time.  It rises above fads and fashion.  And equally important, it evolves with time.  Great design is adaptable, efficient and beautiful – like nature itself.


wrights-terrace-prahran-kitchen-elevation (2)


On this note, we thought it worth while having a look back at our Wrights Terrace home that is now more than 10 years old.  It has certainly aged gracefully.  And its green credentials remain strong -, inverse masonry construction, passive design, cool-gardi water feature, local, salvage and recycled timber, nature/organic low voc oil finishes, low energy lighting, double glazed timber window,  water saving fittings, water harvesting ..etc.  This home has massively reduced energy and water consumption, leading by example.  And is still as beautiful as ever.

Visit the project here.





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PREMIER DESIGN AWARDS 2013 – Finalist – Mildura Eco Living Centre




As a Finalist of the 2013 Premier’s Design Awards it was amazing to see our project up on the big screen at Parliament House, our $250,000 Mildura Eco Living Centere next to multimillionaire dollar projects and well known brands. Proof that good design doesn’t have to cost a fortune or the earth! It was a fantastic event in a beautiful historic Melbourne landmark with a great group of creative designers from a multitude of disciplines. We hope to see you all there again in the future.








Best Environmentally Sustainable Design & Public Building – Mildura Eco Living Centre



BDAV Judges said “The Mildura Eco Living Centre combines some of the latest sustainable building technology with the use of natural building products. A subterranean cooling system compliments a solar air heating system working in conjunction with an integrated sub-floor heat bank. An internal earth bag thermal wall adds design features while contributing to thermal stability.




Supplied and installed by New Earth Systems, the Mildura Eco Living Centre (MELC) is the product of more than three years of community consultation led by the Sunraysia Sustainability Network with the support of the Mildura Rural City Council. It is a staged program aimed at assisting the Sunraysia community to move toward a more sustainable and prosperous future.




The MELC will be developed as a world-class demonstration site and a hub for programs which will encourage a positive and lasting influence on community attitudes to more sustainable ways of living.

The MELC is a multipurpose community facility displaying sustainable design elements, building practices and technologies. Site amenities and a café/bakery specialising in healthy, organic food are also planned but are subject to future funding. The MELC represents a vital step towards educating the community about the challenge of regional self-sufficiency to mitigate and adapt to climate change and drive future environmental opportunities.




New Earth Systems installed a state of the art solar air heating and a dual layer in-ground cooling system in the new MELC building. The heating system will provide 6.3KW of full sun heat for the building. A sophisticated differential controller will enable the system to heat the building with fresh air even in overcast conditions.




Solar Whiz fans will recirculate heated or cooled air through a rock thermal energy store located under the floor slab. This will allow stored warm air to flow into the building at night or early in the morning. On hot days cool air will flow from the thermal store to complement the in-ground cooling system.

Overall, an excellent exemplar of environmental sustainable design.”